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Earths Tribe | Reusable Hemp Makeup Rounds

$15.95 + GST
Our one of a kind Reusable Hemp Makeup Rounds are a great alternative to disposable cotton pads. They are ideal for cleansing, removing makeup, micellar water, toning and face mask removal!

Did you know, hemp is great for skin as it is both naturally antimicrobial and anti fungal. Hemp is also an environmentally friendly fabric and is that fully biodegradable.

  • Hemp & Organic Cotton Fleece. (30% Hemp and 70% GOTS Certified Cotton)
  • The edges serged for durability and to prevent fraying
  • 100% Natural
  • Plastic Free
  • 2x ply
  • 8cm in diameter
  • 10x in a pack
  • 4x colours to choose from
To care:
  • Rinse
  • Pre Treat for stains if needed (we recommend sard wonder soap bar)
  • Wash in warm water (60•c) with like colours. Use a gentle detergent, free of bleach.
  • Line dry. Sunlight also naturally bleaches your makeup rounds back to their natural colour.
  • We recommend Using a dedicates laundry bag when machine washing. 

**Please note: Expect some shrinkage as product has not been prewashed. Also with use over time your makeup rounds may become discoloured. This does not effect the use in anyway.

Why is hemp so good?

  • Hemp is more durable than Cotton, making it last twice as long. In fact, hemp gets softer with each wash.
  • Hemp fiber is biodegradable and compostable.
  • Hemp contains a natural antibacterial and anti fungal, which means it is great to use for skincare products.
  • Environmentally, hemp is a safer crop to grow than cotton. Cotton is a soil damaging crop and needs a great deal of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and double the amount of water and land to thrive.
  • Hemp planting reduces deforestation by enriching and stabilizing the soil upon which it is grown, meaning that there is no downtime planting between crops.
  • Hemp can grow in any climate. They are fast growing and is ready for harvest in as little as 120 days.
  • Because of its resiliency, it has also been flagged as a natural way to clean up soil pollution. Using a process called phyto-remediation, hemp harmlessly extracts toxins and pollutants from soil and ground water.
  • Hemp can reduce carbon emissions. Hemp can not only replace some of the causes of carbon emissions, hemp can eliminate carbon emissions. Hemp has such a high carbon-dioxide uptake that it creates a process called carbon sequestration, which captures emissions. Every ton of hemp eliminates 1.63 tons of carbon, according to Hemp Inc.

Proudly Australian Owned

Earths Tribe | Reusable Hemp Makeup Rounds

$15.95 + GST