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Earths Tribe | String Bag

$12.00 + GST
The lightweight reusable string bag made from GOTS certified organic cotton is a perfect addition to your zero waste collection. There is a wide choice of 5 unique colours depending on your personal taste and style.

When folded it takes up such little space you’ll barely notice it in your handbag when out and about. Never face the inconvenience of getting caught without a shopping bag when you're down the street again!

Because of cottons unique ability to be soft and flexible while remaining very strong, each bag holds up to 8kg. Add some more colour to your day and get yours now!

  • Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Short handle
  • 8 kg capacity
  • 5 colours to choose from
    • Black
    • Beige
    • Coffee
    • Dusty Rose
    • Teal
Proudly Australian Owned 


What is GOTS certified cotton?

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the golden seal of approval for sustainable and ethically processed fabric.  It is the highest level of certification issued to confirm that the farming and production of the fabric was sustainable, organic and ethical.

What are the requirements for cotton to receive GOTS certification?

Some of the requirements assessed include:
  • Hazardous pesticides and insecticides must be avoided during the cultivation of the cotton.
  • The soil must be nurtured and treated properly so that growing on the land is sustainable.
  • Once farmed, the cotton must not be treated with toxic chemicals (bleach, formaldehyde, etc) or coloured with toxic dyes.
  • All workers must receive fair wages, have good working conditions and are treated fairly without discrimination in accordance with the International Labour Organization (run by the United Nations)
For these reasons we always aim to provide GOTS certified products in our store as it helps us move forward to a more sustainable future for everyone.

Earths Tribe | String Bag

$12.00 + GST