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Earths Tribe | Sisal Fibre Dish Brush

$9.95 + GST
Spoil yourself in the kitchen with our Sisal Fibre Cleaning Brush! Get the shiny and squeaky-clean results that you want without compromising on the environment. With this natural cleaning brush, you can now give your kitchen a new life without any plastic or harsh chemicals!

Our brush is designed with a wooden handle that is made from environmentally sustainable beechwood for a sturdy grip. The bristles are composed of thick sisal vegetable fibres extracted from the leaves of the agave cactus and dried in the sun. This material is 100% plastic free and provides firm contact with surfaces to get rid of tough dirt particles quickly and effortlessly. The brushncan also be used both in the kitchen and bathroom, making it exceptionally versatile. Plus, when it's time to replace the brushhead, its components are completely home compostable!

Make cleaning more enjoyable yet still eco-conscious with our Sisal Fibre Cleaning Brush! Welcome an all-natural makeover for your home today and start embracing sustainability.

  • The handle is made from environmentally sustainable beechwood.
  • The bristles are a completely natural sisal vegetable fibre, made from the leaves of the agave cactus. The thick leaves are crushed in a mangle, where rollers remove the moist fleshy outer husk, leaving long off-white fibres, which are bundled together then hung in the sun to dry. The firm fibre is ideal for brushing vegetables and cleaning dishes.
  • Home compostable!
  • 100% Plastic free.
To Care:
  • Rinse thoroughly after each use.
  • Always dry the brush standing upright with the bristles facing outwards.
  • You must dry your brush thoroughly after each use. Natural fibres will deteriorate quickly if left in wet condition. Place in a well ventilated area by the window sill is the perfect place.
  • Sun dry when possible!
  • Once a week soak your brush head for an hour in distilled white vinegar with a dash of dish soap and dry completely. 
Proudly Australian Owned

Earths Tribe | Sisal Fibre Dish Brush

$9.95 + GST