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Earths Tribe | Bamboo Toothbrush

$4.95 + GST
We have all heard the quote "every single plastic toothbrush ever made still exists'. That's right your first childhood toothbrush is still exists somewhere on the planet with 400+ years remaining to biodegrade.

That's why Earths Tribe bamboo toothbrush, made from sustainable timber is a better option. The handle is biodegradable, doesnt pollute the environment and does the same job a regular plastic toothbrush does.

  • Made from FSC® certified sustainably sourced Moso bamboo
  • BPA free bristles, Infused with charcoal which is known for its antibacterial properties
  • Vegan friendly
  • Handle is biodegradable and can be composted
We have ensured our bamboo products are farmed from managed plantations in China. FSC® certification is globally recognized as the best and most stringent sustainable forestry certification system in the wood industry. It confirms that the plantation is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring it sustains economic viability.

Why we choose Nylon Bristles: After extensive research and testing, Earths Tribe opted for Nylon bristles for their durability and value. We recommend removing the bristles before composting the bamboo handle.

Proudly Australian Owned

Earths Tribe | Bamboo Toothbrush

$4.95 + GST